Sea Freight Services

i. Less-than-Container Load (LCL)

Unity LSS provides full consolidation for and services for LCL Shipments.

ii. Full Container Loads (FCL)

Full Container Loads (FCL) through our centralized purchasing management, we negotiate total volumes with first-class carriers to give you the highest quality, space allotment and optimum pricing for your FCL freight. Carrier supported EDI messaging enables us to streamline our process with a paperless environment to provide booking and shipping instructions to the shipping lines. This simplifies the documentation process and ensures the highest degree of data accuracy and efficiency. All our services are enhanced by a range of web-enabled IT solutions, providing complete visibility of freight in transit, updating your in-house IT systems and, where required, notifying custom authorities and contractors of your shipment details.

iii. Conventional Load Services

Conventional load services are ideal for the transportation of oversized goods too large to fit into containers. Cargo such as vehicles, pipeline sections and turbines often require special vessels and loading equipment. Our specialized teams will ensure your cargo is in safe and secure hands by providing tailor-made solutions for you. All these services are supported by risk management and sophisticated IT solutions, to ensure reliable performance and cost optimization. Regardless of the logistical complexity of your transportation requirements, we will exceed your demands with all our expert resources at your disposal, all the way through to delivery.

iv. Multimodal Freight Transport

Multimodal service moves your goods by ocean from Asia to a connecting transit hub in Dubai / Vancouver / Los Angeles, then transferring to flights into Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

v. Fast and Flexible Door-To-Door Freight Solution.

This straightforward door-to-door service picks up your goods, transfers them to an export facility, and transports them via air and/or ocean freight before distributing them to multiple end-users at destination. Ocean Freight service providers for Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container